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Sophie Brouillet




Born in Montreal, Canada, I am an artist whose paintings captivate and intrigue with their emotional depth and meticulous attention to detail. Each piece I create is imbued with personal meaning or a story, offering a unique insight into my inner life.


However, I am constantly plagued by my perfectionism, a form of imprisonment that drives me to seek perfection in every brushstroke. I struggle in a daily battle against Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a challenge that demands a high level of concentration and focus to achieve the level of detail I desire. My mind is filled with other activities calling me and disrupting my work. I constantly fight the need to be elsewhere, to do something else. Being hyperactive, my list is long and never-ending, but painting must find its place in it.


Despite the obstacles, I persevere, transforming my struggle into a source of inspiration that nourishes my creativity.

"Every day I work with the same passion.  Every day the challenge is different..."

This demanding artistic process, amplified by the physical consequences of Osteoarthritis pain in my hands and wrists, is a reality I must constantly face. However, this pain does not restrain my determination to express my unique artistic vision.


My paintings go beyond being visual works; they transcend the second dimension to invite the viewer to immerse themselves in an almost tangible world. The subjects I depict come to life before our eyes, as if we could almost touch them or feel their presence. This optical illusion creates a sense of depth and realism, giving my works an almost three-dimensional quality.


Beyond the aesthetic aspect, it is essential that each of my paintings evokes palpable emotion. I paint with a visceral desire to please, a kind of self-portrait of my own life. I paint to awaken deep emotions and reflections. In each artwork, a story is told.


I open myself through my work, sharing a part of myself and my life with the world. My work bears witness to my inner struggle, my desire for perfection, but also to my strength of character and ability to transform challenges into sources of inspiration. In each painting, I invite the viewer to embark on an emotional journey, to feel and discover a part of their own story.

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